Sports Training

Develop your skills of becoming a better all around athlete! Sports training program works on strength/conditioning, speed/agility, skills, hip mobility, and injury prevention. Learn how to move the body efficiently to carry you to the next level.


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HamptonWorkout Training Facility
8026 Cryden Way Forestville, MD 20747

Are you searching for a personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals? HamptonWorkout trainers will help you achieve those goals throughout our sports training program.

The sports training program provides you with a D1 personal trainer that will develop a program specific to your fitness needs. At HamptonWorkout, our trainers focus on using time efficiently, providing accountability and delivering measurable results.

If you prefer to workout in a group or team setting then check out our Small Group Training for men and women.

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We help collegiate athletes prepare for their upcoming seasons by taking their physical skills to the next level and maximizing their performance.

Collegiate athletes typically train with HamptonWorkout during the summer and winter breaks.

Pro athletes in sports ranging from baseball, basketball, football to soccer come to HamptonWorkout’s expert for training, privacy and an environment in which they are accustomed.

Athletes making the transition from college to the pros utilize HamptonWorkout’s knowledge to gain an edge entering their first training camp or spring training, in hopes of making an immediate impact for the team.

Veteran athletes seek out HamptonWorkout for off-season training and injury prevention in hopes of extending their careers.


  • Speed, Agility & Conditioning
  • Strength & Explosive Training
  • Core & Flexibility
  • Stick Mobility

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