Stick Mobility

Stick Mobility is designed to increase a client’s mobility, flexibility, and strength by stretching and moving the body in all different planes of motion. This class is great for recovery day decreasing the risk of injuries.

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What if there was a way to improve your joint range of motion without having to stretch? What if this method crushed your core, increased your flexibility and improved your joint stability? There is, it does, its called “Stick Mobility” and it is going revolutionize the way you train.

Featured in the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of Paleo Fitness Magazine, Stick Mobility is an amazing new modality that will help you get more flexible, build a bullet proof core and give you rock solid hip stability. Three critical components to both moving well and feeling your best.

Stick Mobility is the real deal and its going to be a staple of the strength and conditioning world as well as the general fitness realm for a long time. Want proof? It is already being adopted by players in the NFL, Major League Baseball and the PGA Tour.

I’ve started using it myself as well as with my clients and we love it. They can’t believe how much “fun” holding static positions at different angles can be and how much better they move after they do.

The Stick Mobility website says the methodology is “a revolutionary system designed to help you move better than you ever have and take your performance to the next level.” It is, and from what I’ve experienced, it does.