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HamptonWorkout® boot camp targets mostly clients with weight loss goals. Each session is 1 hour long of intense training developing strength, endurance, stability, core, and most important confidence. This program also brings in challenges where each client encourages each other to strive harder. Motivation is the key aspect in training and HamptonWorkout® makes sure that everyone feels motivated!

A competitive community that thrives on intense challenges to elevate overall fitness and endurance through limit-pushing cardio and strength-training circuits.

Burn over 500 calories per workout while losing inches, lengthening  your body, and getting the defining tone you have always wanted! Train with the expert team that can push you to the edge but encourage you and keep you safe.
The bootcamp workouts are a combination of all the best techniques and classes that we have to offer. Combine High Intensity Interval Training, Sculpt, TRX, Barre, & so much more to get lasting effects!

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